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A marketing strategy can help boost your small business’ brand awareness and develop an effective pipeline of qualified leads. The right digital tactics can help you reach out to more customers and increase your sales.

Many strategies can help small businesses develop a marketing strategy, but below are some of the most effective ways to boost sales and brand reputation.


Search engine optimization is one of small businesses’ most effective ways to boost sales and brand reputation. This process involves developing and implementing a strategy that will help your website and content get found by search engines.

The higher you rank on Google for specific keywords, the more likely you’ll be able to attract and convert traffic to your website. Over 35% of all traffic comes from local sources, meaning that customers searching for your services are more likely to find your website.


Pay-per-click advertising is one of small businesses most effective ways to boost sales and brand reputation. This type of marketing allows them to display their ads on various search engines when consumers type in particular words.

To get the most out of pay-per-click advertising, you bid on specific keywords, commonly used for phrases like “office supplies near me” or “local printing company.” Advertising platforms then display their ads on the search engines’ results.

Email Marketing

Marketing through email is famous for being able to build a strong relationship with your potential customers. This type of marketing allows you to send personalized messages to your potential customers, who can then opt-in to receive regular updates about your products and services.


A good content marketing strategy can develop and publish high-quality content targeted to your target audience. It should also help you position your business as the solution that they need.

One of the most valuable factors you can consider when developing and publishing content is your accumulated expertise over time. This can be used to share your knowledge online, which helps customers find your content when looking for related information.


Even if you have limited resources and a small budget, a marketing strategy can still help you grow your business. By developing a marketing plan specifically geared toward your ideal customers, you can learn more about them and serve them better.