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Despite the various challenges small businesses faced this year, they could still overcome them. These include rising interest rates and the lack of proper supply chain management. As a new year begins, it’s crucial that you take the time to review and improve your business. This will allow you to make improvements and keep improving.

Reflect on What Worked

Besides reviewing the amount of money, you’ve earned and spent over the past six months, consider your business decisions. These include hiring people, developing a marketing strategy, and maintaining a website.

After reviewing all these details, you should identify what you like and how much money you’ve spent. You should also keep a record of all of the decisions that you’ve made so that you can maintain them going forward.

Investigate What Didn’t Work

It’s essential to review the money that you’ve spent on various projects and initiatives. Although it’s possible that some of these were unsuccessful, it’s also important to remember that this is part of the learning curve. 

For instance, if the goal of your social media marketing campaign didn’t generate the desired results, you should consider getting rid of the hired publicist. Instead, focus on finding ways to operate as lean as possible.

Look at Finances

If you’re not already a business credit card holder, you must consider the available options. These will allow you to manage your expenses and keep track of your regular payments.

Most credit cards come with various perks and rewards programs, such as cashback, miles, and points. Some also offer zero percent APRs for a certain period. Before you sign up for a credit card, make sure that you thoroughly read the offers and compare them with the requirements of your business.

Watch Taxes

Being a business owner can be very challenging, as you have to manage your taxes and make sure that you don’t overpay. As a result, you’ll have to estimate and plan for your quarterly taxes. Fortunately, there’s a good news story about using a credit card for business expenses. It can help you roll over the balance over to the next month.